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West Transition April Update

Following the AGM Resolution vote at last year’s England Hockey AGM, the Structure Fit for the Future transition work is gaining momentum across the West region.  The West Transition Group at their monthly meeting last week, decided that Counties and clubs needed to be better informed of the progress made to date in each of the functional areas – Adult Competitions, Junior Competitions, Officiating, Discipline and Masters.  It is vital that the West continue to engage with the Counties and clubs, keeping them informed on the progress made towards the changes for season 2021/22.


Please find attached the third West Hockey Transition – Club Update April 2021.


Two important dates to note;


  • Area Articles and Transition Paper have been finalised. West Hockey will hold a Special General Meeting in accordance with the current Articles and Companies Act 2006 to adopt the new Articles on Tuesday 1 June 2021 at 7.30pm. Calling Notices will be sent out.


  • A forum will be held on Tuesday 18 May 2021 at 7.30pm, prior to the Special General Meeting to discuss the new Articles and take questions. This will be followed by a FAQ document capturing any queries.  More information to follow.


If you have any queries please email them to hockeywestuksecretary@gmail.com and you can view the questions and replies when available by following this link: FAQs - A Structure Fit for the Future.

All Transition Groups are now finalising their structure that will be in place for next season.

West Hockey would like to continue to receive expressions of interest for the new governance
structure. This new governance structure will create a new way of working in hockey. West
Hockey will be able to use new technology effectively to ensure the best use of time and help
to attract and retain the best calibre of volunteers. Applicants for the key Director and
Committee Chair roles will be put before the West Hockey members at the AGM. Other
Committee roles will be approved by the West Board of Directors.
More information will be available on the West Hockey website in due course, together with
role descriptions for directors and committee chairs. Also available here - A Structure Fit For
The Future | England Hockey If you are interested, please complete this short form by 31 May


If you have any queries please email them to hockeywestuksecretary@gmail.com and you
can view the questions and replies when available by following this link: FAQs - A Structure
Fit for the Future.

• We will be called ‘West Hockey’ under the new structure, maintaining our maroon
colours. However, West Hockey are looking for a new shield-based logo, if you have
any thoughts on an image that could represent the entire West area then please send
them through.
• Area Articles and Transition Paper have been finalised. West Hockey will hold a Special
General Meeting in accordance with the current Articles and Companies Act 2006 to
adopt the new Articles on Tuesday 1 June 2021 at 7.30pm.
• A forum will be held on Tuesday 18 May 2021 at 7.30pm, prior to the Special General
Meeting to discuss the new Articles and take questions. This will be followed by a FAQ
document capturing any queries. Following that the AGM will be set in accordance
with the new Articles and Transition Regulations to permit Director and Committee
Chairsto be elected in preparation for next season. Area Regulations are being drafted
to support the new Articles.

• New Area websites are being developed, giving a consistent brand and structure
across all eight Areas.

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• The new Competition Management System is progressing well, under a tight timeline.
Look out for communication from England Hockey requesting Club information in
preparation for Competition & Affiliation next season.
• There are two County representatives from the West sitting on the national County
Standing Committee.
• Many counties will need to revise their Constitutions and are waiting for the template
from EH which will ensure they will meet the new governance criteria necessary to be
part of the new structure.
• In due course, each County will need to confirm their membership to West Hockey.
• West in partnership with ACWHA will be holding a Club Forum on 10 May to engage
with the clubs on the new County structure and transition plans under the new
governance. Anyone within an Avon based club willingly to help with this transition
please contact - hockeywestuksecretary@gmail.com

Adult Competitions & Leagues
• Firstly, thank you to everyone who attended the West Adult League Club Engagement
Evening, with an attendance of 139 people representing 79 clubs, where the new
structure and team placings were shared.
• 44 clubs (32% of our clubs and 46% of teams) responded to the follow up feedback
survey. With the majority of Clubs responding agreeing with the proposed Structure.
• The Adult Competition transition group are reviewing the responses and will post an
FAQ sheet to the West Hockey website.
• Updates on the new ‘West Hockey League’ will from now be posted to the West
Hockey website, so please keep an eye out for updates and use this as your "go to" for
all League Information -
• April 30th is the final date to submit any changes to the number of teams that your
club wish to play next season. There are several new teams across the West, which is
great news. England Hockey will shortly be circulating competition entry forms to all
clubs and we would kindly request these are completed and returned by your clubs as
soon as is reasonably practicable.
• The transition group has been refining the 2021/22 West League structures and have
been involved in discussing and reviewing the new league regulations with the other
7 areas nationally. The regulations, presently on version 5 will hopefully be finalised
by the end of June 2021, after which time they will be circulated to all.

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• The new regulations aim to provide a clear and consistent set of rules nationwide,
with league hockey at higher levels being subject to more stringent rules, whereas at
the lowest levels of the game, the regulations are focused on encouraging
participation and the growth of both clubs and the sport in general.
• The transition group are in regular communication with Hockey Wales and its
representatives to ensure that clubs in Wales are fully considered and informed of the
structures, any implications for their clubs and to ensure Welsh clubs have parity and
a voice within the new Area League management Committee.
• The transition group will be in contact with all clubs as soon as possible after national
agreement has been reached with all other areas. We are sure you will appreciate that
combining approximately 50 sets of league regulations into one single document to
cover the new 8 area leagues requires a considerable amount of work, negotiation
and discussion, which will benefit hockey enormously in the long term, however
frustrating the delays at this stage may appear.
• Historical archives from both existing West Leagues will be sent through to the
National Hockey Museum.
• If you have any questions, please contact the Adult Competition transition group on
• Finally, if any of you, or members in your Club, would like to volunteer to help organise
hockey in the West please click the link above to express your interest.

• Engagement evening took place on Wednesday 7th April. 150 officials turned out in
force, which was the largest response for any Area (at the time). The presentation
outlined what has happened so far at the National Officiating Working Group, the
passing of the England Hockey AGM, work in at Area level starts taking off now, the
sections that the transition group are looking at working on in the coming months,
and an importance request to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
• Important to note that everyone that is involved in the game as an umpire, technical
official, umpire manager, assessor etc., EH are now referring to them all as one
collective name: Officials.

Junior Competitions
• Club Junior Competition Survey – 63 clubs responded and thanks to the County reps
for promoting the survey and encouraging responses (Wiltshire 100% response rate!)

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• Expressions of interest of clubs show that the West will be able to organize all the new
Area leagues and KO’s at U14, U16 and U18 levels for boys and girls.
• Junior Competition Framework had been updated – Tier 1 Area league the top 3 teams
will qualify for the National Supra League post-Christmas.
• West Transition viewed the draft Club Junior Competition Presentation at their last
meeting to feedback to Rich on content, format and clarity.
• Next steps – mapping club expressions of interest at all competitions, share with
County reps the expressions of interest for their County and complete the FAQ sheet
to be posted on West website.
• Awaiting the following documents from EH before progressing – Centalised Calendar,
Junior Competition Regulations and role description for Junior Competition
• Information required from West – budget, Junior Coordinator role (advert, pay,
contract), Expenses Policy and details on committee appointments.
• Expressions of Interest currently been taken for West Junior Competition Chair role,
Junior Competition Organiser role & committee roles, please click the link above if you
or anyone in your club is interested.
• England Hockey have appointed Jason Wiltshire as Head of Legal & Governance. His
role includes the management of the England Hockey discipline process.
• Jo Pennycook, the England Hockey Disciplinary Lead, will manage disrepute cases and
procedures around hearings and appeals, as well as assisting with AGM Resolution

• Planning to move forward with Masters Transition following the EH Masters meeting
April 26th with Martin Jenkins attending from the West.

Keith Dingle 

WHA President