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West Masters at First Regional Indoor Tournament

West Masters at First Regional Indoor Tournament

Winning 1 game agaisnt East, losing their other games, West Over 50s improved game by game, eventually coming 4th.

With No Trials, or time to arrange practice sessions, the West relied on experiences in the past and the benefits of a few players playing in the Bristol Indoor League.

Played in just one day, the guys did not embarace themselves and the Tournament will now hopefully become an annual event and help selectors in putting teams together for the increasing World Masters program being developed - There have now been 2 Masters World Cup Indoor tournaments - in Krefeld, Germany in 2017, and earlier this year in Hong Kong - The West have been significantly represented in both of these tournements and it is hoped this will continue in future years, at future tournaments.

Participants: (left to right)

Back : Dave Hoaen, Rich Robson, Dudley Bartlett, Tim Crabbe, Dave Morgan

Front : Rob Blacklidge, Lee Connolly, Martin Bray, Andy Rhys-Jones, Rob Austen