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Become a Selector for England Masters!

Become a Selector for England Masters.

The International Masters are looking to appoint their Selectors and Chair of Selectors for the next two years, starting from September 2018.

The closing date for the return of applications is Friday August 17th 2018.





Procedure for Appointment of Selectors 2018



June 2018                Review and approval of process for 2108      SF/SB/SM    

July 9th                     Process published to present Chairs.

July 31st                    Advert released for applications for Selectors 2018-20 on website/to Regions on social media

August 17th             Closing date for applications.

August 20th              Appointment Panel Skype meeting to make appointments.

August 21st               Appointments announced to successful Candidates

August 24th              New Chairs published on Website.

August 29th              Annual Chairs Meeting

                                     am – World Cup review      pm – New Chairs Meeting


International Masters’ Teams

Selection Policy & Player Eligibility

England Hockey (EH) is the National Governing Body for the sport of Hockey and is responsible for the management and development of the sport from grass roots to elite activities.

 EH’s vision is to become a ‘Nation where Hockey Matters’ through “providing inspirational leadership for all to fulfil their potential”. 


 Masters’ hockey aims to provide opportunities for the continued development of individuals over the age of 35 years in all facets of the game including playing, coaching, team management or officiating. When implementing these opportunities individuals should not forget the spirit of Masters’ hockey.

 England Hockey currently has England Masters’ representative teams at the following age groups:-

 Men – Over 35s, Over 40s, Over 45s, Over 50s, Over 55s, Over 60s, Over 65s, Over 70s, Over 75s
Women – Over 35s, Over 40s, Over 45s, Over 50s, Over 55s, Over 60s, Over 65s


 2.1 England Hockey shall establish and approve a Masters’ Selectors’ Appointments Panel and nominate the Chairperson of that Panel. The Panel will be responsible for organising and coordinating the open application and recruitment of the Masters’ Team Selection Panels for all age group teams.

 2.2 The Masters’ Selectors’ Appointment Panel shall consist of a minimum of three (3) people with relevant past selecting, playing, coaching or team management experience including one "independent" person with appropriate skills and/or experience. (An "independent" person is defined as a person who does not have any current playing, coaching or management responsibilities within International Masters hockey but who has knowledge of selecting the skills required). There must be at least one male and one female member of the Panel.

 2.3 The Masters’ Selectors’ Appointment Panel will make appointments for a two year cycle and shall reconvene to undertake the recruitment and appointment of a replacement selector, should the need arise, until the end of that two year cycle or sooner if a temporary appointment is required.

 These appointments will be made to achieve the following objectives:-

 i. To appoint selectors in line with this policy.

 ii. To appoint selectors who will work within the England Hockey International Masters’ Teams Selection Policy.  

 iii.To appoint selectors who will support England Hockey Masters’ teams to achieve the best possible results at international matches and other events.

 iv.To employ an open and fair appointment process that gives all interested individuals an opportunity to apply.


 3.1 The appointment of selectors requires consideration of the appropriate skills and experience required to fulfil these roles and requirements.

 3.2 Selectors cannot be appointed for an age group that they are eligible for and looking to be considered for selection as a player, whether this be for England or another nation.

 3.3 Each Masters’ Team Selection Panel shall consist of a minimum of three selectors including a Chair of Selectors.

 3.4 The Selection Panel will appoint a Head Coach prior to any trials who will be approved by EH. Once  appointed, the Head Coach shall become a selector.

 3.5 A selector can be appointed to more than one age group but cannot be Chair of more than one team of the same gender.

 3.6 The selection of players for each age group team is the responsibility of the relevant Masters’ Team Selection Panel only.  The Chair shall have the casting vote.

 3.7 A selector may take on another role for the team e.g. coach or manager. Each Masters’ Team Selection Panel shall ensure that the appropriate management, coaching and medical personnel are appointed to work with their team.


 The following are desirable attributes for selectors: - 

  •  Experience as a county, regional or national selector at any age group, not necessarily Masters
  •  Display an understanding of the current requirements for Masters players to compete at a national level
  •  Competed at a county, regional or national level
  •  An ability to understand and apply the principles of selection as laid down in this document
  •  Have experience of providing positive leadership to a group within a selection environment
  •  Be available to attend all relevant activity for the age group concerned – including but not exclusively – trials, training sessions, practice matches, international tournaments, Masters’ Regional Tournaments
  •  The ability to work cooperatively within a team environment
  • Demonstrates the England Hockey values - Ambition, Integrity, Inspiration and Focus.


 The Chair of each Masters’ Team Selection Panel, with the support of other selectors and any personnel appointed to the team, shall be responsible for:-

  •  Appointing the captain of the team from the players selected. The captain may be included in further selection decisions, as required by the Chair of Selectors
  •  Providing England Hockey with the following by the deadlines requested

 -       Its programme of activity and appointed management team

-       Details of teams selected for events, competitions and matches

-       Results and appropriate reports from all competitions and matches as required, to include material for the EH web site

-       Any other details as required.

  •  Ensuring the appropriate management, coaching and medical personnel are appointed to work with their team.
  •  Ensuring that an open process shall exist for the selection of their team. This shall include:
    • Publicising the date(s) of trials
    • A representative of their Masters’ Team Selection Panel attending the relevant Masters’ Regional Tournament
    • Provide information on selection criteria to all triallists prior to the first trial
    • Provide feedback to all players following final selection of the squad
    • Notifying the Programme Manager of the selected players by the published date
    • Publicising the selected squad members
  •  Attending, or sending a deputy to, any meetings convened by England Hockey of Chairs of Selectors. These will be usually run on a twice yearly basis.
  •  Ensuring that the England Hockey policy regarding use of the Masters’ Teams’ logo is followed.
  •  Ensuring that any financial arrangements with players and other organisations are conducted in a transparent, accountable and detailed fashion.
  •  Produce an annual income and expenditure account.
  •  Appoint a publicity officer for the age group who will report on squad activity as required by the Programme Manager.
  •  Abiding by all relevant England Hockey policies and guidance.


 5.1 To be eligible for selection for an England Hockey International Masters team, a player must hold, or be eligible to hold, a British Passport and must be eligible under current regulations and not have played for another senior international team in an FIH competition in the previous three years.

 5.2 With the exception of the teams in the oldest age groups for both genders where there shall be no upper age limit, the players selected must be within the five year age range in which their age shall be deemed to fall. All players shall be deemed to have attained a particular age on the 1st January immediately prior to their actually attaining that age (unless their birthday falls on a 1st January in which case their actual date of birth shall apply).

 5.3 Hockey is a team sport and therefore whilst a player can develop their individual game, it must be recognised that players need to be able to realise their potential within a team environment. Therefore, the blend of the team which combines the individual abilities of the players together with other factors such as players being able to play in more than one position, availability, commitment, and the ability to implement tactical requirements are as important as the players' individual skill levels.

 5.4 It is EH policy that Masters’ Hockey should be self-financing, however, this should not discriminate against any player. Players may apply to EH for financial support in order to complete the masters’ programme.


England Hockey
June 2018



International Masters’ Selector.

Application Form 2018/20.

Please complete and return this form to Steve Floyd, International Masters’ Programme Manager Dalesford Cardingmill Valley Church Stretton Shropshire SY66JF by post or Email masters@englandhockey.co.uk no later than August 17th 2018




Tel H:

Tel W:    

Tel M:    





Please indicate which role/s you would like to be considered for putting   an ‘x’ the relevant boxes:

Age Group



Chair of Selectors



(number in order)

Over 35s






Over 40s






Over 45s






Over 50s






Over 55s






Over 60s






Over 65s






Over 70s






Over 75s







     Please outline a short Hockey CV with any relevant  qualifications. Please use further sheets if necessary.









Please outline why you wish to be appointed. Please expand on what experience, expertise and qualities you can offer this role. This should relate to the ‘Required Knowledge and Experience’ section included in the International Masters’ Teams’ Selection Policy document.  (Please feel free to use further sheets)










Application supported by:

All applications should be supported by an appropriate second party who may be contacted as a character and work experience referee in relation to the post.


Contact number:                       


Relationship with applicant:



Please be aware that if you are successful in an application to become a Chair of Selectors there is a meeting for all Chairs on Wednesday August 29th 2018 at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre.  Attendance at this meeting is extremely important.