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England Masters - Trials & Training for 2018! (Men Over 50s)

England Masters - Trials & Training for 2018! (Men Over 50s)

The selection process for England Masters O50s for the 2017/18 cycle will commence with open trials which will take place at Bilton Grange Preparatory School on the following dates 1 October, 22 October and 19 November this year.

To clarify the age bracket you should be born between 1 Jan 1964 and 31 Dec 1968 ie you have to be over 50 and under 55 in the year of the competition. We are current holders of the Home Nations, European Championships and World Cup and aim to defend the Home Nations and World Cup titles in 2018 with the latter being held in Spain at the end of July.

Attached is an outline of the 2017/18 commitments.

The school is situated in Dunchurch, Rugby CV22 6QU. Please park at the annex and walk past the main school building and follow the path to the right and into the walled garden. The trails start at 11:00 prompt on each day and will conclude at 13:00. The trials will consist of some small sided games, some “scenarios” to enable you to demonstrate techniques and decision making in a larger game situation. Selectors and coaches will be in attendance.

Please bring with you, light and dark socks, and a light and dark shirt with numbers. This will enable you to be identified during the trials by the selectors. There will be changing facilities available on the day. The cost of each day will be £15. I would suggest you bring hydration for the day. It is anticipated that players should attend at least two of the three trials. After the third trial, a training squad for the 2018 calendar year will be announced. This squad will be used for additional training, matches and to select the squads to take part in the Home Nations (dates to be confirmed but usually in May and the World Cup (27/7 to 5/8). In addition, there are other matches throughout the cycle and possibly likely to be an invitation to another overseas tournament.

If you are injured and unable to attend the trials please advise as soon as feasible. There will be three selectors in attendance and they will be assessing throughout the day in terms of skills, fitness, decision making and ability to fit within a squad structure. Bilton Grange will be used as our notional home base along with the o55s group. However we will have games in other locations. Please indicate your intention to attend trials and I would appreciate you confirming which days you are able to attend. If you know of any suitable player who has not received a communication either directly from the England Masters Management  or via their regional co-ordinator can you please forward this note onto them.

Of course if you have any questions then please contact 

John Dixon Chair of Selectors - England Masters o50s

Email: ajdixon.62@virgin.net

Phone: 07713069200

  • 01/10/2017 Priority day Open Trial - Bilton Grange
  • 22/10/2017 Priority day Open Trial - Bilton Grange
  • 19/11/2017 Priority day Open Trial - Bilton Grange
  • 07/01/2018 Priority day Match vs UKAF - Portsmouth
  • 25/02/2018 Priority day Matchs vs 55s - Bilton Grange
  • 18/03/2018 Priority day Match vs 45s (tbc) - Bilton Grange
  • 29/04/2018 Match vs Bradfield Coll - Reading (tbc)
  • 18/05/2018 Homes Schedule awaited - Southgate
  • 19/05/2018 Homes Schedule awaited - Southgate
  • 20/05/2018 Homes Schedule awaited - Southgate
  • 10/06/2018 2 x Matches vs Wales and West - Yeovil
  • 30/06/2018 Match vs Reading (tbc) - Reading
  • 15/07/2018 Match vs North Masters - Brooklands
  • 27/07/2018  to 05/08/2018 World Cup Schedule awaited - Terrassa, Spain