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Proud Runners Up for Mens Masters Over 70s


3/4TH JUNE 2017


Sitting in the window seat of the Isaac Walton Hotel overlooking Dovedale it was time to reflect on a job well done.

Most of the West team arrived on the Friday night with various horrific tales of weather and traffic delays. Soon forgotten after a quick pint at the bar of the Excellent Hilton Hotel. The missing player was skipper Brian Perryman back from Llama racing in Peru who arrived on the Saturday morning.

Saturday started at 10am with a Team meeting to sort out who did what, hand out the shirts and synchronise watches or in Adrian’s case, sun dials or smoke signals.

Looking around at the players on muster I thought we would do well to survive the weekend and with a little bit of luck come fifth.

Match reports are to be found elsewhere but when the clock struck 3pm on Sunday we had achieved the impossible and we had come a very credible second place having won three games and only lost to a very strong South side with seven of the England Masters side in their midst.

The Team

Kimber in goal:  What he lacks in elegance and grace he makes up for with enthusiasm and humility making him the best goal keeper in the Country, now I am retired, at this level. Apart from one blooper in the South game his positioning and decisiveness gave confidence to all the players around him. In my estimation he could have been man of the Tournament.

Adams and Nayar: A solid brick wall around the top of the D and what they didn’t stop with their stick, there was always a foot or a shoulder to limit the opposition’s progress.

Youings, Nichols, Martin and Pinks: All gave solid performances and were rarely beaten despite being up against on paper strong forwards who should have given them the run around. John eventually sacrificed himself for the team moving up to help the forwards only to be cut down with a pulled hamstring.

Leverland, Harris and Perryman: The powerhouse, if not the brains of our party, who ran their socks off in every game for the sake of the team. Not afraid to take on the opposition with mazy dribbles or bring our lesser members into the fray with telling penetrating passes.

Any three of this trio could have been named man of the Tournament.

Brian was an excellent Captain with positive and inspirational tactics. Mike a brilliant organiser prior to the tournament and with Austin a pillar of strength in the middle of the park.

Chorlton, Montague, Money: Free spirits who ran miles chasing lost causes. Helping out in attack and then racing back to defend. What they lacked in finesse they more than made up for by sheer guts and determination.

Bill Goodridge:  Master tactician and puppet master. Cajoling, persuading, asking, insisting, ordering players to follow his and the Captain’s instructions. Astute substitutions to avoid injuries (in most cases) and to rest tired legs. Convinced players they could play out of position when required. Spurred bit part players to perform well above their normal standards. Stressed the importance of dehydration and match preparation. Enabling the engine room players to concentrate on their individual performances rather than team management.


In my less than humble capacity 4 West players could have been Man of the Tournament and that includes the super stars from the South. But when we picked up our medals for coming second there was a unanimous outcry. A roar from all the opposition players and officials gathered together at the medals presentation stating we were the TEAM of the Tournament. We surprised everyone present with our gritty performances and never say die attitude. We played with passion and pride in representing our Division. We were not a collection of individuals but a TEAM

A TEAM that had bonded from the Friday night.  A TEAM that knew the value, however cruel, of wise cracks and playful banter. A TEAM that knew how to play on and off the pitch.




The squad assembled for the first game against the pre-tournament favourites from the South in optimistic mood but aware that we were facing a good team. Pre-match preparation was perhaps not ideal as Captain Perryman arrived shortly before the game with a label round his neck "Please look after me I'm from Peru". The game started with a succession of short corners awarded to South which put West on the back foot, and we duly went behind from one of them. We responded strongly and for periods of the first half threatened the South goal. Unfortunately we were unable to force an equaliser, and conceded a second goal again from a short corner.


A third short corner goal in the second half sealed the result for South despite continued efforts by West to get something from the game. Despite losing the squad took a lot from our performance. We had not allowed South to score from open play and had created our own chances, and we believed that with a little more luck at both ends we could have got something from the game. We went to lunch optimistic about the games to come.

Report by Roger Montague




After a disappointing first game the riot act was read (double act) proceeded by a rigorous warm up. The result was almost immediate and in the third minute the West were awarded a debateable penalty stroke (well at least debated by the East), however Brian Perryman  is not a man to be bothered by such trivia and calmly placed the ball to the goalkeepers right and into the net and give the West a 1-0 lead.

This was the signal for the East to pile on the pressure but unlike in the first the game the West defence were better organised and despite conceding several short corners some excellent goalkeeping from Colin Kimber prevented the East from equalising. Effective use of substitutes while at the same time maintaining a good shape meant half time game came with West still leading by the only goal.

After another rousing team talk at half time prepared the West for more of the same having to absorb unremitting pressure for fifteen minutes. However a tactical change moving Adrian Money up to the opponent’s 23 meter line caused the opposition to panic bringing back three players to mark him. This caused the balance of play to change with West taking the initiative winning three short corners which should have allowed the game to be secured.

Nevertheless with no further scores the West won the game 1-0 achieved mainly by hard work and brilliant organisation which resulted in me playing left back for a while. A position I had never played before but it worked.

Report by Malcom Chorlton


A big thank you must go to our captain Brian Perryman who on Thursday spent 24hours travelling back from Peru, which included a 6 hour time difference. Friday was spent travelling up from Dorset, another 6 hours.  By the time we played the North it was our third game in less than 24 hours, with tired bones and aching muscles we took them on.  The first half was evenly matched until the West were awarded a short corner, which Austyn Leverland hit straight to Mike Harris on the top of the circle whose first time shot was parried by goalkeeper Dik Skipping and the ball went straight to Roger Montague, whose first time excellent reverse shot found the backboard, and the West were one up. Our forwards of Austyn Leverland and John Youings continued to press hard but a second goal was not forthcoming despite their ceaseless running and skill.

The North, realising they had to win the game to gain second spot, pushed even harder but our mid-field, of Mike Harris and Brian Perryman, combined with pure skill and continuous running totally dominated the centre of the park.  The defence superbly orchestrated, by Sudesh Nayar, yet again managed to keep a clean sheet thus the West finished with a superb one nil victory. Our manager managed ten minutes in this game without troubling his own team or the opposition’s defence. It should be noted that the West were the only team with a full time Manager and full credit to Bill for his touchline contribution.

Report by Colin Pinks


Following an inspirational team talk by the West Captain Brain Perryman, reinforced by the West Manager Bill Goodridge, the scene was set for the match to decide the Silver Medal position in the Regional Tournament. The West needed a win or a draw to secure second place to the South.

The teams looked evenly matched on paper and that is how the game unfolded, both teams won short corners in the first half, but were unable to convert them into goals.

At half time the score stood at 0 – 0 and with both defences playing well, it was clear it would need something special to break the deadlock, this came halfway through the second half when a West breakaway led to a short corner. Mike Harris injected to Brian Perryman, he returned the ball to Mike, who hit a rasping shot which was unstoppable.

After a quick glance at the stadium clock the West dug in. With Colin Kimber in excellent form in goal, backed up by a resolute defence, marshalled by Sudesh Nayar, the West held on to win 1 - 0.

The work rate of Brian Perryman in the mid-field was quite amazing, his commitment and energy inspired the rest of the team to give some outstanding performances. The Silver medal win was due to the joint effort of the whole team.

A thank you must go to the Midlands for making it a most enjoyable game.  

Report by Austin Leaverland


A special thanks to Mike Harris who did the organisation of the team from selection right through to getting us to Sheffield. Many hours and in a previous life they would have been chargeable hours resulting in a large profit.

Thanks to Brian Perryman who when he arrived took on the task of developing unknown players before the game to almost Tournament winners after the fourth game. Brian led by example inspiring us all with his endless running and passion.

Thanks to all of you for meeting on time. Paying your dues without being chased and working your bollocks off on the pitch. Everyone upped their game by at least 10% which was brilliant to watch.

Double thanks to all of you for playing so bloody well. Far above what I thought you were capable of and a result which you should all be very, very proud. Thanks to all of you for letting me be a part of your Team.

Wear your medals with pride you deserve it!


Bill Goodridge

The Innocent Bystander


These Tournaments do not happen by accident and the welcome we had in Sheffield shows what can be achieve through good organisation.

The Master Mind behind the Tournament was Roger Lomas and it would be fitting if everyone just sent him a brief email to congratulate him on the success of the weekend and how much you enjoyed it. The meal, Umpiring, showers, the Hotel etc. The incredible weather. It did not happen by accident and involved many hours of hard work.

Roger Lomas: rdha.lomas@btopenworld.com